Physical distribution power point | Materials Management

 explores the many options available when moving home appliances from one location to another, whether to the end user for a finished product or the movement of raw materials and packaging to its point of use. Products are often moved from the manufacturing location to customers but in other cases there are many other channels of distribution to consider, including distribution centers, wholesalers, and retailers. 


Please prepare a 5-slide Power Point presentation illustrating the physical distribution of home appliances. Please address the following points: 

1. Slide 1: Flow Chart for Transfer of Ownership and Actual Transer of Goods or Services for a home appliance. 

2. Slide 2: Factors which affect how a material is moved. 

3. Slide 3: Activities in Physical Distribution System 

4. Slide 4: Modes of Transportation 

5. Slide 5: Material Handling 

You will create a narrative which would be what you personally would say if presenting your power point to an audience. The text of the narrative should be placed in the speaker note section under each slide. Each slide should be thoroughly explained. 


• 5-slide Power Point Presentation not including reference slide 

• Insert the presentation narrative explaining each slide in the speaker’s notes area. 

• Create a reference slide (final slide) in APA format. 

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