Physic ii experiment: ac circuits

See attached document file.

While completing the experiment AC Circuits, make sure to keep the following guiding questions in mind :

  • What is the relationship between the energy stored in the inductor and the energy stored in the capacitor when a power source is not present in the circuit? 
  • How is energy dissipated in an ACcircuit, within a resistor, within a capacitor, and within an inductor?  
  • What are some of the applications of resonance in electrical and mechanical engineering? Is resonance always desirable?  

To complete the experiment you will need to:

  1. Be prepared with a laboratory notebook to record your observations.
  2. Click the image to open the simulation experiment.
  3. Perform the experiment as described.
  4. Transfer your data and results from your laboratory notebook into the lab report template provided at the end of this experiment description.
  5. Submit your version of the laboratory experiment report.

In your laboratory notebook, you will collect data, make observations, and ponder the questions posed within the lab instructions.  Thus, the notebook should contain all the data collected and analysis performed, which will be invaluable to you as you write the results section of your laboratory report.  Furthermore, the notebook should contain your observations and thoughts, which will allow you to address the questions posed, both for the discussion section in the laboratory report and in helping you to participate in the online discussion included in the module.

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