Philosophy project 1 | Philosophy homework help

In this project, you will be researching a chosen philosopher and reading from his/her primary texts. See the attachment below for instructions and expectations.

You must engage with the philosopher’s original work, which means it must be something written by the philosopher, not just about the philosopher.  Please read a minimum of 50 pages of your chosen philosopher. 

This project has 4 steps.  Steps 1-3 are showing me your preparation work and planning for your final project submission.  Step 4 will be that submission.  Your final project can be in many forms: MLA format, video, Platonic dialogue, Prezi, Power Point, or a creative approach that is your own. 

Choose a topic (a philosopher) and the original work you will read. In a Word document, in MLA format, answer the following questions:

1. What philosopher will you cover? Why did you choose this person?

2. What original work will you read by the philosopher? Why did you choose this one? 

3. Have you ever read anything written by a philosopher and not just something written about a philosopher? If so, what was it?

4. What do you think will be the biggest obstacle to this project? 

5. What questions do you have so far?

Your document should fully answer all questions asked, should be in MLA format, and should be a minimum of 3 pages

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