Philadelphia history reading assignment | History homework help

1. Briefly describe who the Friends (aka Quakers) were that settled in the Delaware Valley from 1675-1725. Where were they from, what was their background like? These questions are based on the first 30 pages of the chapter, pp. 419-451.


2. Briefly discuss two or three things that you found interesting between pp. 481-603 about the nature of Quaker family ways, meeting for worship, Quaker belief in magic, education, food, dress, and sport, or other topics. I don’t expect you to read all of this.


3. Read pp. 1-10 of Ch. 1, “The Founding, 1681-1701” by Mary Maples Dunn and Richard S. Dunn in Weigley et al, Philadelphia: A 300-Year History and pp. 29-41 in Conn, Ch. 2, “Echoes of William Penn,” in Metropolitan Philadelphia: Living with the Presence of the Past. What was unique about Penn’s design for Philadelphia? What was he hoping to achieve in his colony and city?


4. Read Ch. 10, 12 and the Epilogue in  Moretta, William Penn and the Quaker Legacy. What are some of the issues Penn faced because of his absence from the colony?


5. In the Intro and Ch. 1 of the excerpt from Kenny’s book, what do we learn about the relationship between Penn, early settlers and native Americans?


6. In the excerpt from the essay by Thayer, “Town into City” which ethnic groups began to arrive and grow in numbers in the early-mid 18th century?


Link for first two questions:

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