Personal inventory and comparison to survey data

Overall Goals: The goal of this project is to write a 3-4 page, double spaced paper based on survey data that you will access from a database of opinion and attitude questions posed to a representative sample of Americans (see below for details on how to do this). You will learn how to use this survey data base, report on the results of survey question(s) and analyze the relationship between the responses to the question and what these attitudes reflect about the changing nature of American values over time. Please read the entire instructions before you begin or you won’t know how to use the survey database, which takes a bit of time to learn.

You will present your analysis following using the following organizational format:

1. Introduction: Briefly discuss the relationship between values and how they relate to attitudes about social institutions and societal concerns.

2. Body/Analysis: Describe trends or changes based on the example provided. Be sure to include the most recent data that runs up to 2016 in your report. See the section on “presenting the analysis” below for more specific instructions.

3. Consider the possible “contradiction” or tension in the data results (again, see below for details) in relation to American values we’ve considered and changes in American society related, for example, to sexuality, gender, rights, etc. Explain what underlying values may be in conflict here that account for the tension? Specifically, what principles of American values that we have covered may be at play in accounting for this? Look back at the Robin Williams list and especially the chapter assigned for Week 5 to help you (you should cite both). What historical events or other shifts in American society may account for the change in attitudes over time? Finally, compare your own values to survey findings from the SDA data. In what ways are these findings from a national sample of Americans relevant to your values? (not necessarily about the specific questions asked if you don’t want, but in that case, explain them in relation to what the data may say about change in American attitudes overall). 

4. Conclusion: Present the highlights of your analysis and what you consider to be the major implications of your analysis in terms of a connection to the real-world.

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