Persian food | World history homework help

For your assignment, I want you guys to eat some Persian food (it can be a modern recipe–it doesn’t have to be from the ancient period) and write a short, informal paragraph describing your experience. You can either make a Persian recipe, get takeout from a Persian restaurant nearby, or, if for some reason these options are impossible for you, you can simply choose a Persian dish that sound delicious to you and write about that (but this is only a last resort). 

After you cook/eat, do a bit of research on the history of the food (a quick internet search is perfectly acceptable) and write your short, informal paragraph on the food’s history and on your reactions/experience. For example, if you choose to make lamb kebabs, please talk a bit about the history of this food in Persian culture and whether you enjoyed it, disliked it, etc. and why. Most importantly, take a picture

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