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must write a response to this answer on religion and it must contain 125 words written by Eric : 

The Byzantine empire also known as the Eastern Roman empire began during 330 CE all the way to 1453 CE after they survived the fall from the West Roman empire in the 5th century. Its was originally named after one of its Kings which rome had about seven of them until 509 CE when the monarchy was over thrown by its republican, according to the roman legend it took them up to three wars in order to do so. The empire capital “Constantinople” was founded by Constantine I during 330 CE which replaced “New Rome”. It continued to exist for an additional thousand years. The empire got weak over the decades and eventually fell to the Ottoman Turk’s in 1453. The three monotheistic religion; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common that they all warship one god while denying the exsistence of other gods. They all claim to worship the same god the only difference is that Judasim gave its god the name “Yahweh” meanwhile Christianity and Islam both refer him as “God”. All three believe their orgin began back in Abraham. Judaism and christianity follow up on their ties to Abraham through his son Issac in the other end Islam follows it through his son Ishmael.

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