Parallel structure and passive voice do the exercises and quizzes,

 ENGL225: Assignment 3  BP

Due Saturday 11/19/16 at Noon PST

Assignment Instructions


1. Go to the CCCComnet Site:

Within the CCCCcomnet site, go to the sections on Parallel Structure and Passive Voice and do the exercises and take the available quizzes. From the home page at the CCCCommnet site, you will see a pulldown menu available in “Word and Sentence Level.” Within that pulldown menu, scroll through to find the passive voice and parallel structure tutorials and the links to quizzes.

Note in the Student comments section of the Week 3 assignment that you completed both and provide your thoughts on your performance in each.

Part 2
2. In that same dropbox, upload as a Word Doc a memo that conveys the following content in standard memo format (including a subject or RE line), demonstrating the Six Cs of communication, and that presents the best layout, order, and presentation of relevant information (adapted from Davis 168):

I am writing to inform all of your all the details of our new vacation policy, which will replace the old vacation policy.

·         Effective immediately, April 1, the anniversary of the birth of our founder, will be declared a company holiday. We are of the hope that the ultimate outcome of this extra day of released time will be an increase of morale of the entire workforce.

·         We have arranged with a travel agency for them to provide vacation opportunities at reduced prices for company employees. There is available a brochure in the personnel office, which gives a listing of all the tours that are offered.

·         It is required that all managers submit reports of employee vacation requests and preferences once each quarter.


Thank you. Should you have any more questions on this new policy, do not hesitate to call me personally at your convenience at any time.

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