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 Read the excerpt and answer the questions that follow A Complete Guide On Human Resource Planning by Jacki Kilbride – March 9, 2020 Is your human resource strategy more of a fingers-crossed, hope-for-the-best type of plan than a concrete, actionable map to success? Are you sick of rushing to replace employees while your staff works overtime? The Centre for American Progress estimates that turnover costs an organization 213% the cost of salary and benefits for the position. Isn’t there some way a company can cut down on that? It turns out, there is. Human resource planning is something that just about every organization can benefit from. So, what exactly is it, and how can your company put it to work? Source: QUESTION 1 In light of the above excerpt, describe the Strategic human resource planning process (20 Marks) QUESTION 2 Discuss the changing role of human resources within the organization and the role it plays in Strategic human resource planning 

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