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Hi, I need a one page paragraph about the fowlloing quetions??


Be sure to provide detailes and specific examples.


Education is kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates.  


-What are your thoughts on this statement and how does that relate to lifelong learning?  


-How can you continue to kindle your flame or fill your vessel after college?  


-This sounds like a lot of work; how passionate are you for lifelong learning?  


As you have journeyed through college, your flame has probably been everything from non-existent to extremely strong. 


-What are some examples from both ends of the spectrum when you’ve been passionate about education and when you haven’t been passionate?


-How can you work to make sure that you are always kindling that flame when you don’t have the passion?


Be sure to provide detailes and specific examples.


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