One of the most important parts of professional development in any


One of the most important parts of professional development in any field is honest self-reflection. Before the end of class, let’s reflect on what you learned and how you can use it. Take a few moments to address the following questions about the class and the information you learned.

The class objective has been to deepen your knowledge about minority groups, as well as the social stratification that has resulted due to their minority status, and how to create meaningful solutions to private problems that result from systemic issues.

  • How has this class’s content helped you to understand minority groups better?
  • How do you think that the knowledge of this class will help you in your professional career?
  • How can you apply your knowledge in the workforce?
  • Will you be integrating your outcome of the “Implicit Bias” test into your everyday work life? Why or why not?
  • Reflect on the class content. Does the outcome of the “Implicit Bias” test challenge your approach to minority groups, whether that’s personally or regarding the public policy for/social welfare of minority groups?

Please use standard APA format for headings and citations to address the following writing prompt. Your response should be a minimum of two pages, but no more than four pages (unless you have instructor approval).


  • To demonstrate comprehension of each of the objectives set forth in the syllabus.
  • To develop sensitivity to issues of oppression and discrimination. 

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