Old testament character sketch bible study instructions | Bible 104 | Liberty University

Please see the attachments for the template & rubric 


General Instructions: 

For this assignment, you will be studying the life of one of the characters from Courageous Faith. You will seek to discover what can be learned from the character you have selected when you purposefully study his or her life using the technique of observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. Rather than using the typical research paper format, this character sketch Bible study will be completed by using a template developed from Chapter 36 of Everyday Bible Study.

Specific Instructions:

The assignment must be completed using the provided template.

Any references or sources used to complete this character-sketch Bible study must be cited. You may do this parenthetically by providing the following type of citation:

(Hulshof, p. 235).

If references are used, a Works Cited or References page must be provided using the following format:

Hulshof, Chris H. Greatness and The Detroit Red Wings: Why the Winged Wheel is the Greatest Hockey Team on the Planet. Detroit: Motor City Press, 1926. 

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