Networking / systems administration students task based on your

Networking / Systems Administration Students


Based on your specific project charter and management plan you will have an agreement with your client about the functionality available and demonstrable at this point in the project. Your project will be assessed on having achieved these agreed goals. You will also be assessed on the quality of visual and verbal communication in your presentation including a clear statement regarding


For students completing the Globex project, functionality that must be demonstrated at this point is:


Wagga – demonstrate logs can be securely collected / retrieved for a 2 hour period (obviously you will have to pause your recording while the actual collection occurs, this is fine) from all network devices on the local site and at least one remote site


Albury – demonstrate that an end user at another physical site is able to download a virus test file from and that this action results in a secure alert being generated by the IDS


Griffith – demonstrate that at least one other server from an external site can be taken offline (simulating a disaster) and fully recovered in a secure manner to an alternative site meeting RTO/RPO objectives.


Cloud – demonstrate an encrypted VoIP conversation can occur between two sites using soft phones.


Submission instructions: record a short screencast or video and upload to Youtube or Vimeo. You may submit as a group (with a single 10-12 minute recording) or individually (2-3 minute recording). All students will be marked individually. A link to your recording should be included in your assignment submitted to Turnitin.


Business Analysis / IT Management Students


Word count: 2000 words. This does not include MS Project file, tables, calculations, references or appendices.



There are four elements to this assessment.


1.     You are to provide a detailed status update report for the project’s budget and schedule to demonstrate the monitoring and controlling of the project. Utilising MS Project, you must demonstrate actual vs planned work and any variances, as well as a plan to ensure the remainder of the project meets agreed milestones.


2.     Calculate the project’s earned value (see reading – Kloppenborg ) and discuss how this affects your project.


3.     Develop a form to capture the lessons learned from this project, to be completed by all project team members


4.     Globex is looking to outsource some software development work and are seeking advice on the most appropriate type of contract to use in terms of risk to the company. In 1000 words compare and contrast available contract types and recommend the most suitable for Globex to use in this scenario.


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