Networking question | Computer Science homework help

 Answer the following questions

  • What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6? 
  • Why do we have both?  Which is better? 
  • What is a subnet mask? 
  • What is a hostname? 
  • What is a domain name? 
  • What is a FQDN?  What is DNS?  mDNS? DNS-SD?  Dynamic DNS/DynDNS? 
  • What are packets? 
  • What are datagrams? 
  • What are frames?
  •   What is packet switching? 
  • Packet forwarding? 
  • IP forwarding? 
  • Port forwarding? 
  • What is NAT?  ARP?  RIP? 
  • What is the difference between dynamic and static routing? 
  • What is routing? 
  • What are routing tables? 
  • What is a default gateway? 
  • What is TCP? 
  • What is UDP? 
  • How do TCP and UDP matter on networks?
  • What is a 3-way handshake in networking?

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