Need someone to create a (narrated presentation) for me from my given | CBR:600 Cybertecnialogy | University of Maryland College Park

(Your job is to look at the given PowerPoint and create narrated presentation as your presenting from those PowerPoint.Also, added stuff during your narration from those technical and lab reports) You don’t have to speak or (Narrate) on those PowerPoint slides, just write it down below every slide instead. I will do the recording from your created notes. (Once again I need this back in  6 hours.)

Once again, I have completed my PowerPoint from the attached technical report and lab report. Now I just need someone to develop a narrated presentation for the members of the hospital board as well as the CIO and other managers from my given PowerPoint and those two technical and lab reports. My technical report provides an analysis of the infrastructure and the threats, based on the incident that first brought the organization’s security issues to my team’s attention. Technical and lab reports have to be the basis of a presentation that I will have to provide for the hospital board. The board will make decisions concerning what actions are taken and how much money will be allocated for cybersecurity. Therefore, I have created a slide deck that captures the salient points of My research, the results of the lab tests of the password-cracking tools, and the team’s proposals to tighten information security practices. You have to consider the suggestions in the table below to focus your efforts on this narrated presentation.

( Topics to Address in the Narrated Presentation

Keep the primary goals of your presentation in mind as you build your presentation to the board: be credible, be clear, and provide reasoned solution recommendations.

  1. Present your technical findings succinctly to a non-technical audience. Avoid acronyms or slang; opt for clear language and clear explanations.
  2. Provide a high-level summary of the infrastructure, the vulnerabilities that may have enabled the breach, and recommended actions. Explain what happened, the impact on the organization, and your proposed actions with rationale and costs.
  3. You are limited to 12 slides, excluding the cover and references slides. You will choose your best narrator to narrate the presentation for wider distribution. The format should be professional and free from typos or grammatical errors. This is the board’s impression of your team’s performance!)

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