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Watch this video:  Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial – YouTube 


look these pictures:  These Emotional Pictures Show How People First Reacted To The Vietnam Veterans Memorial ( 



In 250-400 words: Why is Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial so enduringly powerful?

In your answer, please consider some of the following:

-In what ways is the memorial distinctly different from traditional memorials?

-How was Maya Lin chosen as the designer, and what backlash did she and the design face?

-As a piece of public history, what story does the memorial tell? In your analysis, do you think Maya Lin created an apolitical memorial that does not contain an argument about the war?

-How did veterans and families react and/or interact with the memorial in the photographs of the unveiling?

Use only the video and the website that I provided for sources/resources/references. NO OTHER!

   Please use quotation marks if directly quoting, but formal citations are not required. You can use them if you want to practice, though!