Need done asap argumentative post

1) Is the topic clearly related to education?

(2). Is your introductory paragraph interesting and relevant? (How can this be made even better?)

(3). Is there a clear thesis at the end of the intro paragraph? (Is it argumentative or just factual? How can it be improved?)

(4). Is there a clear focus in the topic sentence of the main body paragraph? (If so, how can it be improved further? If not, what do you suggest the focus should be?)

(5). Does each paragraph support the focus of the topic sentence (paragraph unity)? (Explain how this can be improved throughout the paper)

(6). Is solid evidence used to support the thesis? (minimum of 5 sources listed in the Works Cited, which means 5 in-text references in the body of the paper. Are there areas where the paper could use more evidentiary support?)

(7). Is MLA formatting followed? (What are the mistakes, and how can they be fixed?)

(8). Are grammar and mechanics mistakes minimal? (What are the mistakes, and how can they be fixed?)

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