need discussion answers for the 2 discussion questions 300 words

 Need Discussion Answers for the 3 Discussion Questions 300 words each for the DQ1 and DQ2, and DQ3 no palgiarism, use 3 references and in-text citation for the content.


Discussion Question 1 – (CLOs covered :_3____)

Describe some of the characteristics of an Agile MIS Infrastructure? Which aspect do you think is the most vital? Please justify your response.




Discussion Question 2 – (CLOs covered :__3___)

Explain the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure. How does it benefit organizations?




Discussion Question 3 – CLO3 

Recognizing the importance of problem-solving skills, many organizations now use case interviews to evaluate candidates for jobs. Assume you are in an interview and have been presented with the following case problem: “Your firm is a U.S.-based manufacturer of natural, health food products and is considering growing the business by entering the huge and expanding Chinese market. Should it?” How would you respond? How would you go about analyzing the opportunity? What questions would you ask? How might you structure your answer to best demonstrate problem-solving skills?


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