Need detailed law research paper sections completed (2 sections)

Need 2 sections of research paper completed for the following case: McLane Company v. EEOC  

My 2 sections assigned are as follows: Call to Action & Conclusion 

The outline of the 2 sections to be filled is: 

Call to action – Heather

a.  There are various barriers in call to action to eliminate the discrimination.

b.  The people in power do not let the others ensure the elimination.

c.  The people do not speak for their rights.

d.  The government’s failure to induce proper legislation concerning the issue.

VI. Conclusion – Heather

a.  Employee discrimination requires the proper concern of the leadership and management.

b.  A case like McLane should be resolved on merit.

c.  Leadership and management theories should be involved.

see article chosen for research paper:,Appeals%20for%20the%209th%20Circuit.

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