My plate part one | Education homework help

This activity focuses on your diet and requires that you complete a daily food plan for three days and analyze your diet based on the current  American Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025. These Guidelines are updated every five years and provide the basis for nutrition policies. These Guidelines should also guide our nutrition education practices.

Part One: (Module 6)

Go to the “Choose My Plate” web site [] and follow links to learn about this resource and also become familiar with the new guidelines.

The American Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025 direct link is:

This is a 164 page document and has a lot of useful information, but for the purposes of this assignment you can focus on Chapter 4, pages 91- 105.

Track everything you eat and your activities for 3 days. Based on what you’ve learned from the guidelines, what are you eating that is within the guidelines? What isn’t within the guidelines? How do you feel your activity level measures up to what it should be?


Submit to your instructor:

Report analyzing your food group and nutrient intakes over time.

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