Msm written 3 | Management homework help

Please refer to textbook ( the page numbers she uses do not match the online textbook version so please find the correct pages, if help is need please let me know): 


Introduction to the Activity

Selecting and designing an effective intervention takes skill. In this activity, we will explore this process by applying our developing skill to a specific case. This will help you interact with the material in a practical way to make choices that should deliver specific outcomes.


Use Case Study V.2 on pages 276–277 (Hayes) to complete this assignment. Note: This case is used in its entirety from the book. 

  1. Read the case.
  2. Design an intervention that will motivate the employees to work more flexibly and support the modernization of the dairies. Hint: Make sure that you use the material in the text to support your intervention choices. You may also want to bring in outside sources to support the effectiveness of your plan.
  3. Identify issues that might affect the success of your proposed intervention and explain how you would address these issues.
  4. Create a report to the Board of Directors that clearly articulates your plan and addresses the issues above.
  5. Your job is to sell your plan as the one that will lead the organization to success.

Use good report guidelines for completion of this assignment. The final report should be between 2–4 pages.

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