Mona lisa (artist: leonardo da vinci)5 page research paper. read

5 page, double-spaced paper, 12 pt, Times New Roman  

* 4 pages for the body of the paper  

* 1 page for the bibliography/reference page 


  * minimum of three sources must be used and all sources must be cited  * only used reputable sources (can’t use Wikipedia entries)  * use APA format. 

1. Research and discuss the artist giving some insight into the artist background. 2. Discuss the work of art that you choose for the Forged Art Project and why you chose this work. 

3. Discuss the style and/or movement of art that the artist worked in primarily. 

4. Analyze your work of art that you created including the following: subject, style, process, media, discussing in detail a minimum of 3 elements & 2 principles. Make sure you discuss your project in detail. 

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