Module reflection 1 | History homework help


To help you gain a fuller understanding of the course material and to best prepare you for completion of your Final Project, this reflection assignment asks you to look back on the past 3 weeks worth of readings and discussions and reflect on what you’ve learned. In completing this assignment, you are not only intended to think about the content you learned and engaged with, but to pause to consider how it might relate to your own life and studies, and pose questions about any unclear concepts or topics about which you want to learn more. 

For Reflection 1, you are to submit a response to This Reflection 1 Assignment Dropbox. Reflections should be a minimum of 350 words and should provide answers to the four questions below. Consider the previous three modules worth of course material. In other words, for Reflection 1, comment on the following modules: “What is art?  Why do we create art?” “What are the Elements of Art?,” and ”What are the Principles of Design?” readings and discussions. 

Identify three important concepts, research findings, theories, or ideas that you learned while completing these activities (one for each module). 

Why do you believe that these concepts, research findings, theories, or ideas are important? 

What question(s) have these activities raised for you? What are you still wondering about? 

Identify your selection for your Final Project (or a few selections if you’ve not yet decided), a short explanation of why you want to focus on it, as well as at least one source you will consult to learn more about it. I will provide you with feedback and suggestions upon grading this assignment.

I already have the final project file attached so answer according to the final project which is complete named as the invisibility of poverty 

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