Module 9 case point discussed


Discuss one pertinent point from one of the following cases on the discussion board:

  • Ex Parte Crouse (1839)
  • Kent v. U.S. (1966)
  • In re Gault (1967)
  • In re Winship (1970)
  • McKeiver v. Pennsylvania (1971)
  • Schall v. Martin (1984)
  • Thompson v. Oklahoma (1988)
  • Roper v. Simmons (2005)

In your discussion, you should make every effort to draw appropriate linkages to text issues (i.e., what should the role of the juvenile court be? Should children be treated as adults under the eyes of the law? What is the real purpose of having a separate juvenile system? Does the state really have the best interest of the child at heart? etc.).


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