Module 04 course project – outline and revised thesis content


This week, you will submit your outline and revised thesis statement  for peer review in the discussion forum. The outline is only the plan  of what you will be writing and is not your final product. Think of it  as your road map on your way to the finished paper. It will be your  guide as you write the final course project paper. Please review the  Project Introduction Overview in Module 01, as well as resources in the  Course Guide for writing an outline and crafting a revised thesis  statement.


You should already be  aware that your final paper will be a 6-8 page literary analysis of the  novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark  Haddon. Your outline should contain the following items:

  • An introduction with a well-developed thesis, strongly supported with evidence.
  • Clear ideas about how you intend to address the concepts covered  in this course. Literary concepts to be examined in your paper include,  but are not limited to, narrative structure, point of view, character  development, theme, and significance of the novel’s subject matter  (i.e., autism).
  • A conclusion for reporting a summary of your findings and how your ideas support your thesis 


Your thesis statement should be placed at the top of the outline,  followed by a formal outline with standard formatting, such as Roman  Numerals, for each major section of the paper. You will want to use  capital letters for each sub-section of the outline. Use numbers under  the capital letters for additional information or resources used. Your  final paper will also have an introduction and conclusion, as well as  the body section in the middle. 

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