Module 03 discussion – stratification


Discussion Overview:

As stratification has been described in the readings and learning materials, there are different areas that are portrayed, including social class, occupation, education, and gender. As we consider education as part of stratification, we can look at the many ways we are impacted by education.

  • Instructions for an initial post: In the initial post, describe education and provide specific examples when addressing the following questions:
  • What are the benefits of education?
  • What are the factors that limit education?
  • How is education applied to stratification?

As you write your initial post, be sure to include information that you have learned in class from the readings, text, etc.

  • Instructions for reply post: Respond to at least one peer post and comment on the points that they described in terms of education. In your reply, address the following question: How is education related to occupation and achieved status?

Be sure to provide examples from our readings and from what is being learned in class.

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