Modifier | English homework help

Read each sentence Dangling or Misplaced Modifiers.” Then, identify the following: 

·         Dangling Modifier:        DM

·         Misplaced Modifer:       MM


·         Sentence:                    S

_______ 1. Walking through the farm, the dog was excited.

_______ 2. I saw a scary monster watching a television show.

_______ 3. To avoid the traffic jam, a detour was encouraged.

_______ 4. I carefully unwrapped from my sister the colorful package.

_______ 5. The contestants kissed their loved ones covered with sweat.

_______ 6. Wearing a pink skirt, Ali was entertained by his date.

_______ 7. The pet owner went to the veterinarian with a sick hamster.

_______ 8. To be avoided at all cost, walking in the muddy water of the river.

_______ 9. When we left the campsite, we looked scruffy and sweaty.

_______ 10. Just returned from fabulous travel destinations, I felt like a famous explorer.

_______ 11. Scrambling through the front door, Bert reaches his car before his dad honks the horn.

_______ 12. The first rays of sun penetrate through the clouds and onto our front porch.

_______ 13. Reaching the point of no return, the soldiers aggressively fought the enemy.

_______ 14. The class worked hard to finish the group project on time.

_______ 15. Soaked to the bone, the men’s boots came off at the door

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