Modern world | History homework help

Answer following 4 questions. Use following book as reference: 

Strayer, R. W. (2013). Ways of the world: A brief global history with sources (2nd ed., Vol. 2). Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

1) How did the era of New Imperialism (1750–1950) differ in motive, method, and philosophy from the first imperial age (1400–1715)?

2) In light of their relationships with European powers, what ways were the histories of China and the Ottoman Empire similar during the nineteenth century? How did they differ?

3) Complete both parts of this discussion board for full credit.

What is your opinion of this course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of this course for future students?  

Consider the Visual Sources between pages 1025 and 1033 in the Strayer textbook. What messages are sent in these images about war and peace? Can these posters and paintings be compared to such materials regarding war and peace in our own time?

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