Mkt 310 week 8 quiz 6 chapter 13 and 14

1) A retailer can list all of its operations to be performed, its characteristics, and its timing in a(n) ________.

2) Which of the following is not an advantage of an operations blueprint?

3) Uniform construction, layout, and operations standards are used in ________.

4) Which of these is not a benefit of using prototype stores?

5) Rationalized retailing is often used in conjunction with ________.

6) A characteristic of rationalized retailing programs is the ________.

7) Rigid control and standardization for each phase of business characterize ________.

8) Which of these is not a characteristic of a rationalized retailing strategy?

9) With the top-down space management approach, a retailer starts with ________.

10) The need for store personnel in a season, week, day, and time period is ascertained through ________.

11) The tasks of personnel with similar positions in different departments are kept rather uniform with ________.

12) With cross-training, personnel ________.

13) Which of these is a not a major advantage of cross-training?

14) Through ________, an employee can be easily shifted from stockperson to cashier as the need arises.

15) The use of in-store displays and the sale of well-known national brands can effectively reduce selling costs through use of ________.

16) Supermarkets and full-line discount stores have effectively reduced personnel costs through the use of ________.

17) All of the activities involved in managing the retailer’s physical facilities comprise ________.

18) Which statement about energy management is not correct?

19) A retailer seeks to acquire and maintain a proper assortment of merchandise while ensuring that operations are efficient and effective in ________.

20) Ordering costs, holding costs, and loss in profits due to stockouts are effectively controlled in ________.

21) Store security relates to two issues: ________ and ________.

22) What type of insurance protects retailers from claims due to customers falling due to a wet floor or loose carpeting?

23) Credit-card fees paid by retailers average from ________ percent to ________ percent of sales.

24) In a debit card system, the ________.

25) A significant advantage to a consumer of a credit card system in comparison to a debit card system is ________.

26) Computerized checkouts are generally used in conjunction with ________.

27) Which statement concerning computerized checkouts is not correct?

28) Which statement concerning electronic point-of-sale systems is not correct?

29) A major advantage associated with self-scanning to a retailer is ________.

30) Which system increases employee productivity for supermarkets?

31) A retailer has an outside party to undertake one or more of its operating functions in ________.

32) A Web-based retailer has decided to have a logistics firm handle packing, handling, and shipping responsibilities. This illustrates ________.

33) The use of a third-party firm handling a retailer’s payroll illustrates ________.

34) Contingency plans are an important component of ________.

35) Planning for contingencies such as strikes, earthquakes, and lack of electricity is part of ________.

36) A listing and sequencing of interrelated tasks that must be performed by several retail personnel to assure that a retail service is efficiently and effectively performed is an important part of a(n) ________.

37) Based upon an analysis of selected retail tasks that need to be performed in a given time period, a retailer decided to rely on self-service. This illustrates the effective use of a(n) ________.

38) The standardization of retail operations is often associated with the use of ________.

39) The use of prototype stores is commonly associated with ________.

40) A major difficulty with the use of prototype stores is the ________.

41) Rationalized retailing is often conducted in conjunction with ________.

42) Centralized decision making is generally associated with ________.

43) A major advantage to the use of rationalized retailing programs is the ________.

44) A significant disadvantage to the use of rationalized retailing is the ________.

45) The opposite strategy to rationalized retailing is ________.

46) A characteristic associated with the bottom-up space management approach is ________.

47) Which of the following does not contribute to the difficulty in planning personnel utilization in retailing?

48) The opposite of extreme employee specialization is ________.

49) The cross-training of employees is particularly beneficial when a retailer ________.

50) Poor morale and boredom caused by extreme specialization can be overcome by ________.


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