Mindfulness meditation report | Education homework help

 The mindfulness meditation report represents your personal journey into developing your own mindfulness meditation practice. You are expected to practice a total of at least 8 hours throughout the entire semester. You are then expected to submit a 12-page, double spaced report (inclusive of references and title page), outlining a) the nature, duration, and pacing of how you practiced during the 8+ hours throughout the semester; b) what you noticed during notable meditative sessions, and what you noticed throughout and after the completion of the assignment; c) how your experiences (as outlined in b) relate to relevant literature or course material on mindfulness meditation; d) obstacles, revelations, and opportunities/plans to overcome said obstacles in the future to build a better meditation practice (or whether this is a practice that fits with you at all). Whatever your position regarding mindfulness meditation at the end of the course, you should discuss how or why you arrived at that position. Your report is expected to be wellstructured (with headings and subheadings as appropriate), and may include graphs/figures etc. (as you see fit) 

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