Mha6999 seminar in healthcare cases week 1 lecture, discussion, and

 This week, we will have two case studies:

  • Case of the Reluctant Associate
  • From Nothing to Something: Defining Governance and Infrastructure in a Small Medical Practice

These case studies will cover topics on leadership/management, which include making decisions and addressing concerns as a healthcare leader. You will have the opportunity to discuss a case among your fellow students and perform a written analysis on the case.

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Evaluate issues on human behavior in healthcare organizational settings, including issues pertaining to leadership and change interventions to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Interpret the formulation and implementation of business strategies in health care organizations, models of strategic management, and the role of stakeholders in the strategic management process.
  • Critique healthcare reform process in the US health care system, reviewing major proposals for system reform currently under consideration including governance and accountability models.

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