Mgmt 501 research methods in business- 250 words or more and


I actually had someone else complete this assignment but I am unable to retrieve the answer. I have emailed the person who did it but they are not logged on and this is due tonight.


Discuss your experience with scholarly writing and research. Some students may not have any experience in research; but may have future plans/desires for research and writing. What research and writing concepts have been insightful to you during this course so far? Cite at least one source in your discussion of scholarly experience or plans.



Some research and writing concepts that have been discussed are using mixed methods in research, qualitative research, quantitative research, APA manual, Research Ethics, Research Integrity and the Responsible Conduct of Research and Individual, social and Organizational sources of sharing and variation in the ethical reasoning of managers.




It needs to be 250 words or more and references in APA format.


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