Maryland juvenile justice system | Social Science homework help

Please conduct research on current literature regarding Baltimore City’s youth involvement within the Juvenile Justice system. 

1. Describe the processes, procedures, and experiences of youth within the Maryland Juvenile Justice System (Maryland Department of Juvenile Services).

2. Identify an evidenced-based approach to solving 1 of the major issues that you have revealed in your research and writing. Please be sure to identify a specific goal, and 3 specific measurements that you will evaluate within your solution-focused approach to addressing the major issue you are focused on. 

Below are suggestions for topics to consider:

Addressing Baltimore’s history with juvenile/criminal justice system

Disproportionate amount of youth from the city in juvenile detention

Addressing trauma from interfacing with the system

Disproportionate Sentencing of Young Men of Color

Inadequate legal counsel

Decriminalizing race and ethnicity

Please note that you may use other topics outside of this list of suggestions.

4 page typed, double-spaced with a cover and reference page, font should be Times New Roman size 12, and inclusive of traditional (normal) one-inch margins

For this: (1) APA style must be used correctly, (2) All required relevant course readings and materials must be used, (3) At least 2 scholarly sources used (beyond course materials). 

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