Marriage and the family assignment due asap

Write briefly in response to the following,using your text and one other reference (preferably from the APUS online library)and citing both in APA format. Your paper should be 1200 – 1500 words long, with no more than 50 words as direct quotes from a source.

Think about a time a family you know (maybe your own, maybe someone else’s family, maybe a fictional family) that had trouble getting through a particular life cycle stage.

  1. Describe the family, and the trouble they had at this stage. How satisfactory was the way they dealt with this difficulty, in your opinion?(No more than 500 words)
  2. Using published research to support your point of view, explain how are they like other families during this life cycle stage. How are they different?
  3. Using published research to support your point of view, how common are these difficulties for families at this stage of development?




Possible grade

Student grade

The paper addresses the issues specified by the assignment



The author shows insight and sophistication in thinking and writing



Two academic citations were used



Paper was well organized and easy to follow. Paper was the required length. Cover page, paper body, citations and Reference list were in the American Psychological Association format.



Few to no spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structure errors