Marketing plan milestone 3 – barclays bank


Marketing Plan Milestone 3 due by 11:59 PM EST Day Seven

This is the final of the three milestone papers that will lead you to, and be part of, your final paper.

Using the approved company and product/service, you will answer the following questions:    

  1. Define the 4 Ps for your      product/service. 
  2. How have the 4Ps of your      product been influenced by the pandemic?  Provide a detailed      description for each. 
  3. What promotional mix      does the company employ?  Do you see the elements of the promotional      mix changing as we come out of the pandemic and buying perhaps shift to      some degree again?

Paper length should be 5 to 6 pages in length using APA formatting and should include a cover page and reference page which are not included in the page count. Writing Assignments are due on day seven at 11:59 pm EST. See this reference for more details on APA style.

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