Management of project, risk, quality and safety

 Health and Safety and Quality On line Test The online H&S and Quality test – will be available on Study Space under  assessments. Date and Time of Test: Monday 19 April 2021, 9.00 am Learning outcomes covered:  • Understand and contract toe roles of various parties in the successful  collaborative management of health and safety during both design and  construction phases of construction. • Evaluate likelihood and impact of risk occurrence and procedures to manage  those risks, including health and safety risk. • Appraise quality management techniques. Instructions for taking the online test The test is to be taken individually on-line, as per the timetable in the module  assessment pack. It will be available via Canvas/VLE. Once started, the test has to  be finished at one sitting. The maximum duration of the test is 80 minutes. The test will be an open book test i.e. you can refer to notes books etc. If your access to the University computer system is blocked or suspended for any  reason (e.g. financial) during the test time period, you will not be able to take the test  and you will lose these marks. The University action in this regard is designed to stop  you from undertaking assessment of your education while the particular situation  exists, in the same way as you would be excluded from examinations. It is your 4 responsibility to ensure that your computer access is not blocked in this way,  and please note that it can take up to 10 days to restore computer access after  such a suspension is resolved. There will be a practice test under assignments, which you can take as many times as  you wish. The practice test contains 40 questions and you should aim to complete this  in 40 Minutes if you wish to simulate exam conditions. The button to “save” your answer and arrow to move on to the next question are  located on the right of the screen at the top and bottom respectively – the arrow button  is small. Note the mouse pointer should turn to a ‘hand’ on each of the arrow buttons. At the end of the final question there is a “Submit” button (instead of the arrow) which  you must reach and click in order to submit your answers and obtain a mark. Make  sure your window is wide enough to locate all these buttons. If you cannot see them  (e.g. sometimes the buttons are obscured by the “time elapsed” box), your browser  may be incorrectly configured. Go through the practice test before you undertake the test to check for difficulties.  Occasionally the practice test will work satisfactorily, but buttons will then be obscured  in the actual test. If this happens, try moving the mouse pointer around the screen  over the area where the button should be, and look for it to change to a ‘hand’. Click  the mouse here, and the test should proceed. Once you have clicked “Begin” you have started your attempt, and you must complete  the test. You cannot “just have a look”. Do not try to refresh the page, go back to a  previous page, zoom the page, or undertake other tasks on the computer e.g. open  another window or another application (e.g., Email). All of these actions are likely to  end your attempt and give you a mark of zero. You only get one attempt at the test.  If you have a mouse with browser back/forward buttons, take care not to click them,  and it is recommended you disable that mouse function during the test.  If the text of the question exceeds the width of your screen, use the scrol 

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