M civilization project | English homework help


Read Elie Wiesel’s Night. In a 1000 word e s s ay, address the following questions:

1. In what ways, according to Wiesel, did the SS and other camp authorities dehumanize the Jews and other inmates? Why did the SS and other authorities dehumanize the inmates?

2. How did experiences in the camp impact the humanity of Wiesel and other inmates?

3. What does Wiesel’s account tell you about the human capacities for cruelty and strength, as well as about the need to remember the Holocaust?

Being specific and using quotations/examples from Night will help your score.

If you use quotations from Night, cite the page numbers in parentheses. I don’t recommend that you use outside sources, esp. web sites, but if you do you must (1) cite any material from those sources using in-text citations (APA or MLA) and (2) include a complete works cited list. Using uncited material from outside sources (including Making of the West) will be treated as plagiarism and punished. 

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