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Module 3 Discussion: Peer Reviews of Description Paragraph (ENRICH)

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Module 3Peer Reviews of Description Paragraph


For this discussion, you will compose a draft of a description paragraph. Then, you will have the opportunity to receive peer feedback on your initial draft.

Begin by filling in the blank for the topic sentence. You can select a person listed in the following table or one that is not on the list.

Topic Sentence: “I could tell by looking at the room that a ___________ lived there.”

  • Computer Expert
  • Teacher
  • Cat or Dog Lover
  • Photographer
  • Hunter
  • World Traveler
  • Musician
  • Scientist
  • Football, Baseball, or Soccer Player
  • Truck Driver
  • Student
  • Chef/Cook
  • Pilot
  • Actor/Actress
  • Tax Accountant

Once you have selected a topic for the description paragraph, use the prewriting technique you prefer to get the ideas flowing. Then, create and post the first draft of your description paragraph by Day 3. Be sure you have specific details that appeal to a variety of senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) and support your topic sentence.

Your draft should contain:

  • approximately 200-250 words,
  • a well-developed topic sentence,
  • adequate detail to support the topic sentence,
  • the use of the different senses of seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting, and
  • a concluding statement that ties the details together.


Post your draft by the third day of the module. After your initial post, review and reply to a minimum of two peers’ posts (description paragraphs), noting whether they met all the requirements of the assignment. Provide meaningful and constructive feedback to your peers, so they can use it to improve their next revision, by the seventh day of the module. 

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