Literary analysis essay (1200 words).


Read ‘The Jewelry’, a short story written by Guy De Maupassant (file attached below) and write an 1200 words essay, write about the figurative language used within your chosen story; the essay will have five works cited within the essay: one from the text, two from publications such as books and magazines, and two from on line source. All works used in the essay must be cited in-text and on the works cited page or you have plagiarized. MLA is 15% of this essay’s final grade.

The students will not use Google, Wiki, Shmoop, Wikipedia or any Wiki sites, encyclopedias of any kind, Spark Notes or any devices of like kind, eNotes,, Prezi or any student essays posted on line unless the student-generated article is written by a student who is pursuing a masters or doctoral degree. You may use Google Chrome, Google Scholar, Jstor and other academic publications, and books.

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