Lit101 week 1 | Computer Science homework help

Hello Class,

One of the most important questions students ask me is “Why do I need to study literature?” Well, that is easy for me to understand since I have been reading and teaching literature for so long. However, I understand that it is not always easy for others to see. Therefore, for our second discussion this week, we will be discussing the importance of literature. 

To prepare for this discussion, review the following three YouTube videos

The Importance of Literature:The Importance of Literature (Links to an external site.)The Importance of Literature

An introduction to the discipline of Literature:An introduction to the discipline of Literature (Links to an external site.)An introduction to the discipline of Literature

What is literature for?What is Literature for? (Links to an external site.)What is Literature for?

After, reviewing the above videos, identify your major and/or career goals. Then, discuss the following:

  • What skills are important to reading and understanding literature?
  • How will these skills help you in your career path?
  • Use specific examples to help further describe your thoughts. 

Respond to two others: Once you complete your initial post, you should respond to at least two other people. Think about the person’s career goals and their specific example. What other examples can you provide them as to how the skills learned in reading literature can apply to them professionally?

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