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After  studying Chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16 of Garg & Verma’s book  Operating systems: An introduction, and conducting your own research,  create a PowerPoint presentation to address the four questions below:  

  1. Discuss the advantages and challenges of distributed systems (Chapter 13).
  2. Explain the components of the Linux operating system and include an illustration (Chapter 14).
  3. Explain the main components and their functions of the Android operating system and include an illustration (Chapter 15).
  4. Discuss two main features of the Windows 10 operating system (Chapter 16).

Assignment Expectations

Using information from the modular background readings and any good  quality resource you can find, provide at least 10 slides excluding  cover page and references. 

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Your ability to address all questions based on reading materials and your own research.
  2. Clearly and succinct explanation.
  3. Effective and appropriate use of in-text citations to the assigned  readings and other source material to support your arguments. Refer to  the Trident Online Writing Lab at 

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