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This assignment is a 2,000-word personal development journal. It requires you to systematically reflect on your own confidence, willingness and preparedness to contribute to leadership work under conditions of uncertainty. Specifically, your assignment needs to address this question:

1. What is your situation? happens to you that brings a pattern of pressure, anxiety, trouble, fear within you? When, where, and with whom  do you struggle?  In other  words, what is the significant context or circumstance that pushes your buttons?

2. How are you reacting? What do you typically do? Thoughts, words, actions, emotions, choices, relationships? How  are  you tempted to react?

3. In thinking about your reactions above, what is ruling you? What hijacks your mind and heart, what drives your attitudes and behaviours? Think of the following: I want___?  I fear___?  I  trust___?  

4. What are the consequences?  How do your reactions affect your relationships, work life, mood, finances, situation, health, etc.?

5. Where do you get help in the struggle? To whom do you go? What resources will the person provide to help in my need? What would that person say or do to help you see your situation, how you react and how you think about the reasons for your reactions (no 1-3 above)?

6. How can you turn to that person? How do you have a candid, intelligent, pointed conversation with that person?

7. How should you respond to the situation in order to honour the person and their advice? Respond constructively into your situation. Speak. Act. Do. Don’t. Choose.  

8. What are the consequences? How do they create ripple effects in your relationships, work life, mood, finances, situation, health, etc.?

You need to be specific and personal in this journal. Think deep about a pattern that you observe in yourself that has become an area of personal development. Think about specific action steps might you take to reach your goal.

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