Last time i found you to write the discussion not very well. the


Initial Post

Respond to one of the two prompts below. Your initial post should be about 200 words and directly respond to the prompt. Each initial post must make at least one reference to a reading, including the page number. Note that the 200-word limit is intended to keep your responses concise and focused on the topic. Verbosity will not be rewarded.

  1. Compare a media text and its adaptation. How specifically do you see squeezing or stretching, and to what effect?
  2. Choose a reality TV show and break it down to the four ways it’s constructed according to Kraszewski.

Response Post

Respond to a classmate’s initial posts with an additional thought or question. This response should run about 75 words. If you’re not sure where to start, consider responding to one classmate you agree with or you disagree with, explaining your point of view or posing a genuine question to better understand a classmate’s point of view. Look for ways to push the conversation forward. As you engage in the discussion, maintain a respectful, collegial tone.

last time i found you to write the discussion not very well. The professor said It would be good to see more direct connection to the reference you make from the reading.

the response material that i can give you after you give me the initial post

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