Las432 artificial intelligence paper | Computer Science homework help

 Identify and explore Artificial Intelligence. This technology may already exist but is drawing attention because of new applications, anticipated impacts, or potential controversies.  It requires that students submit an APA-formatted, 10-page paper.

  • An abstract
  • A table of contents
  • An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement (roughly one page)
  • An historical timeline that diagrams at least three predecessors to the emergent technology that includes a written assessment on how these technologies influenced the development of the current technology (roughly two pages)
    • Please note that the timeline should be a horizontal visual component at the beginning of the section, and the written assessment should take up a majority of the two pages.
  • An analysis of the technology’s influence on society considering all of the following components (roughly four pages)
    • Social
    • Cultural
    • Political
    • Economic
    • Environmental
  • An evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages)
  • Concluding remarks that include predictions for the future of humanity given the technology’s emergence (roughly one page)
  • In-text citations and a reference section in APA format
  • Appropriate statistical graphs or visual aids to support the paper

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