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hoose which ingredient variable you would like to experiment with in your cookie. The subject line in this post should include the variable that you chose, to help your peers find the information that they need quickly while writing their reports next week. There should be no more than 2-3 students per ingredient variable! If you are late to the discussion forum, you may have to make do with whichever variable is left.

In your post, you should answer one of the following pre-lab questions, related to your ingredient:

1. What is the specific chemical role for sugar, leavening reagent, proteins and fats in baking cookies?
2. What are the main components of flour? What is the difference between each type of flour listed in this handout?
3. There are several types of sugars presented in this handout. What are the differences? What do you predict will be the impact of these sugars?
4. Egg yolks add an emulsifying agent to cookies. What is the emulsifier? What does this emulsifier do to the final cookie?

By 10:30pm on Sunday:

Run the lab. EVERYONE needs to do the control cookie recipe as well as their selected variable ingredient. Once you have prepared the cookies, measure the spread and puff, and rate the tenderness, color and taste. You may report this using a video or pictures (or both). You should also create and include a table with these data included on it. (You will then expand this table with other variables in your final report).

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