Lab 10 | Computer Science homework help


Lab 10

The Command Line

Installing programs in Linux

÷ First, to update your system: 

o Open up a terminal window by going to: Applications>Accessories>Terminal

o type: 

§ sudo apt-get update 

o then type:

§ sudo apt-get install build-essential

§ Do an internet search.

§  What are the update and build-essential packages are used for?

· The apt-get update command is run in order to synchronize the software package index on Ubuntu with their Internet sources. The apt-get build-essential package includes the components and references used to build Debian packages.

§ What is the difference between apt-get and apt-get install?

· Apt-get will fetch the package 

§ What is your current location? Example: /home/yazan

· The current location is /home/student

§ What happened? What did sudo mkdir /myProgs do? 

· Advanced to the next line and a directory named /myProgs was created in the root of the file system.

§ Is the file that you saved to the desktop gone? If not, see me. Yes the file is gone. Where did it go? The file is now in /myProgs

§ What did this do?

· Moved the directory location of the cursor to the /myProgs directory.

§ What are the file permissions for nmap-5.00.tar.bz2? –RW-RW-R–

o If you want to look inside /myProgs/nmap-5.00 to see the files (without changing directories), what will you type? ls /myProgs or ls –l /myProgs. Do this and tell me what the contents are:

o What do you see? The number 10.

What is this command is doing? Use the man command to find out about both the more 

o the input file which in this case is INSTALL.

and the wc command. What does this do? Display the number of lines contained in 

¡ What is this doing? Checking for the build system, host system and compiler type to ensure compatibility.

¡ What does the make command do? It is a script that runs the compiler to compile the software/source code.

What is this doing? Installs the software just compiled into the correct directories and edits menus and paths as necessary so that the compiled packages work 

¡ correctly.

¡ Why would you do this? To delete the nmap-5.00 directory and files. What does rm do? (remember typing man rm will help) Removes files and directories.

¡ What is the name of the compiler that works with C? gcc

¡ How about C++? g++

¡ What is a compiler? A compiler reads program language code and creates a binary based upon the programmed code. Translates the code to machine language.

¡ What is nano? Nano is a text editor.

What did you do? The command compiled the program I just wrote and saved as 

¡ myProg.cpp

¡ Why do you have to type sudo? Because elevated permissions are needed to execute the file.

¡ What result do you get? A $ appears.

¡ Explain what echo $? Does  – The echo command displays whatever is given as input to standard output so $ was displayed to standard output.

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