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Based on the feedback you have received with respect to your data model and DDL, now is your chance to implement the final changes. Make any needed changes to your ERD and Physical Data Model and submit for final review. Include any SQL needed for the database, the DDL, the DML to manage the customer and employee rows, and the 3 SELECT statements.

In addition, submit the star schema and the DDL to create the Star schema for the data warehouse. You want a single Fact table to track all orders with the following dimensions:





Be sure to include all DDL including primary and foreign keys; feel free to create new or needed primary keys. Finally, a specific and detailed discussion about the ETL process is to be used to move data from the OLTP environment to the data warehouse.

Your submission should include the following:

A description on your approach

The features of your enhanced ERD

A discussion about handling the M:M relationship between customer and products

The approach used to ensure 3NF

Required SQL statements for the database

Star schema for the fact table and its 4 dimension tables

The DDL for the Star schema for the data warehouse

A description of the ETL

Add the Data Warehouse Design and discussion about the ETL process to the project template section titled “Web and Data Warehousing and Mining in the Business World.”

A Screenshot of the ERD, logical data model from previous assignments.

The DDL to create the tables, including the table definition and the primary and foreign key definitions

1–2  pages describing the solution

Star Schema

DDL for a Star schema

2-3 paragraphs about the ETL process

At Least 2 References Attachment gives history of this project

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