Just one paragraph in high school level

Consider your participation so far in class. Participation includes offering comments and questions during class discussions, actively participating in small group activities, listening attentively, being fully “present” and engaged during the full class period, completing written assignments in class, taking notes, and reading and doing any prep work outside of class.


Don’t think of this as a “checklist” but rather as a holistic scale. In other words, based on these general guidelines, give yourself an overall grade (out of 100 points, standard scale) for your participation as of now. Then, in about a paragraph, briefly explain why you’ve earned the grade you have (be sure to include the point value out of 100), and set two goals for yourself participation-wise.



I choose B grade 83%


B –Good

  • Offers solid comments/questions to discussion (about once per class)
  • Never offers comments that interfere with the discussion or purposefully distract
  • For the most part, listens attentively when others are talking – is rarely distracted
  • Participates in small group discussions and activities – offers comments, takes notes on discussion, etc.
  • Takes some notes on what instructor/others are saying & completes all in-class writings
  • Completes all readings and annotates or takes some notes to prepare for discussion


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