Job search_few questins part 1: job search getting a job or getting

Job Search_few questins

Part 1: Job Search

Getting a job or getting into Graduate School is probably very much on your mind these days. If not, it is time for you to start thinking about what you are going to do after leaving Troy Universiity. These are a few questions you need to answer concerning your future job.

1. Where do you plan to live? There is no need to do a wide job search unless you are willing to move to where the job is. Therefore, location is a very important first step; make a list of towns, cities, states, or regions you would like to or would be willing to live. If you are able to go wherever the job is your chances of getting the job you want becomes even better. But if you cannot move then your job search will be more narrow and location specific. But sometime local has its advantages, because who you know can become an important factor in landing a job, otherwise be nice to “Uncle Joe”, he may be your ticket to landing your first job. Best advise never rule out networking. The Department through facebook and our website networks with alumni, check it out. They are listing jobs all the time. 

2. What are you qualified to do? Everyone has a dream job and getting that job will probably take a lot more experience than you have right now. So how do you get the experience you need? Most people start out in an interim level job and work their way up. So what job would you be happy doing as you gain experience? Make a list of your strengths, what skills do you have that will make you an asset to an exployer. 

3. What experience do you have? Most of the jobs you will be looking at require experience. What experience do you have? If you have done an internship or taken Design Studio you have some experience. Some of you have also worked doing freelance or taken on leadership roles. These are examples of experience you have gained while in college. 

Okay here is your first assignment:

1. Do a job search online or by other means i.e. newspaper, job board, word of mouth, family, etc. Choose three jobs you are qualified for and would like to have. It is very important you consider the location of this job, if you are not willing to move to this town or city look elsewhere. You will share these jobs with us in class. Be able to explain why you chose these jobs and why you feel it is a job for you. Your grade for this assignment will be put in by the instructor.

·        Upload the job posting you think you would like to have; not just the URL but the actual ad. Answer:

1.     Where is this job located?

2.     Why would you like this job?

3.     What are you qualified to do?

4.     What experience do you have?