Jmp data work | Business & Finance homework help

The file contains data for all sales of laptops at a computer chain in London in January 2008. This is a subset of the full dataset that includes data for the entire year.

a. Create a bar chart, showing the average retail price by store (Store Postcode). Adjust the y-axis scaling to magnify differences. Which store has the highest average? Which has the lowest? Use the Local Data Filter (under the red triangle > Scripts) to isolate these two stores.

b. To better compare retail prices across stores, create side-by-side boxplots of retail price by store. Now compare the prices in the two stores above. Does there seem to be a difference between their price

Revenue Questions:

i. How do the sales volume in each store relate to Acell’s revenues?
ii. How does this depend on the configuration?

Configuration Questions:

i. What are the details of each configuration? How does this relate to price?

ii. Do all stores sell all configurations?

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